Our clients operate globally and so do we. Alongside our market leading partners in North America and Asia-Pacific, we provide our multinational clients with the best corporate affairs, IR and ESG/Sustainability leadership talent worldwide regardless of territory.


We are the proud European partner in our global network and have successfully appointed corporate affairs and investor relations executives with over 300 companies across Europe. As part of our international team, we are able to provide our European clients ever greater access to international talent and our Europe based candidates further global opportunities in North America and Asia.


Andrews Partnership is Asia’s leading search specialist in Corporate Affairs, Communications and Investor Relations, with a deep footprint in Hong Kong, Singapore, China & Japan. Our role is to add value to our clients’ businesses by identifying leadership talent in the functions that drive the business’ ability to interact with customers, governments and non-government stakeholders, and investors.


With headquarters in Washington, DC, and affiliates on the West Coast, PLBsearch is our North America partner with an equally specialist focus on senior-level corporate affairs and investor relations executive recruitment across the US. Established in 2012, PLBsearch provides high-touch, high-calibre executive recruitment and advisory services to clients across all sectors and geographies in the US.