The ESG War for Talent: how Andrews Partnership is answering that call with the appointment of Patricia Slawinska as Head of ESG Practice APAC

Hong Kong, 13 July 2022 –It’s a good time to be an ESG professional – a very good time… Any search on LI will show you this with approx. 800 ESG-related roles advertised across HK and Singapore alone.

ESG momentum is ramping up in APAC, as is the need for regional expertise in the field, but for many there’s no pot of ‘candidate gold’ to find.

Responding to these demands, leading ESG/Sustainability executive search firm Andrews Partnership who has specialized in ESG since 2019, has announced the strategic appointment of Patricia Slawinska as their Head of ESG APAC practice. Located in HK, Patricia is advising and driving senior level mandates across the region including Shanghai, Singapore, Beijing, HK and emerging ESG markets including Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Patricia has over a decade of executive corporate experience in Asia Pacific and Europe, targeting and establishing sustainable partnerships, strategic fundraising, project management and driving sustainable outcomes for businesses. She expertly navigates a range of different stakeholders, leveraging her deep understanding of each region’s political, security and business landscape and a passion for driving results around ESG, SDGs and corporate social responsibility.  CSR has always played a primary or central role in Patricia’s career, spanning APAC from a socio-economic point of view.  In addition to CSR strategy and integration, she has led innovative climate projects, promoting the use of renewable energy, investing in sustainable global environmental protection and supporting the care of natural habitats. Patricia is well-equipped to help businesses in the region navigate the ever-growing importance of ESG.

Andrews Partnership latest research study covering ESG Talent Trends for 2022 points to the demand for organisations to demonstrate their ESG commitment, as Patricia Slawinska says “candidates want real ESG integration, beyond surface level commitments. This is the number one requirement for senior talent in the region, and they’re not afraid to probe”. The rise of ESG awareness among businesses is driving demand for executive appointments including Chief ESG Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer, Head of ESG and Sustainability leaders. As a result Andrews Partnership ESG practice has grown +50% within the last 12 months, signalling Andrews Partnership’s continued commitment to providing high-quality executive search in this filed

Please contact Patricia Slawinksa for more information

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